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Why Does Mental Health Matters Needing Urgent Attention?

People suffering from severe mental health problems face unique challenges and can find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships, perform at work, or manage daily demands. Fortunately, there is a wide range of resources and support available for people in need. In this article, we'll examine some of the most important mental health programs and services. Hopefully, this will help raise awareness about this topic and inspire people to take action.

Today, an estimated 450 million people worldwide are living with a mental disorder. In low-income countries, this number is even higher. Nearly three million people die every year as a result of substance abuse. In addition, half of all mental health disorders start before the age of 14. Humanitarian crises can increase the rates of these disorders, with one in five affected by a conflict. Therefore, mental health issues are an increasingly urgent matter and require urgent attention.

There is a huge unmet need for effective mental health care for children. Because mental health issues can affect children at any age, they deserve access to effective care. And yet, despite the urgency of this need, mental health care is disproportionately underserved in low-income and minority communities, and among people with special needs. So, addressing this unmet need will be essential in the quest for a more equitable society.

Meet The Team

Shivanee Shah - Social Activists, Advocate - Bombay High Court

Shivanee Shah, is a practicing advocate from Mumbai since 4 years now and is a firm supporter of mental and emotional well-being and takes active part in creating awareness of the same. Apart from this, she is passionate about writing and provides copywriting services as a freelancer. She is available through her social media handles: Instagram: @shiva9shah and Linkedin: @shivanee-shah .

Archana Singh Rathore - Social Activists, Mental Health Ambassador - Counsel India

Archana Singh, is a social activist who likes to bring change in the society through her efforts. In the coming time, like a counselor, she wants people to solve the problems related to their life. She is also associated with some organizations like a Mental Health Ambassador. She is available through her social media handles: Instagram: @mentality_finale and Linkedin: @Archana Singh Rathore .

Surajit Roy - Author, Member - Social Psychology Network

Surajit Roy is an Author, Blogger and Storyteller. Member of “Social Psychology Network”. Born and brought up in Contai (W.B.), India.  Surajit Roy is also social and people managment strategist, sharing his expertise and understanding with his informative blogs. Primarily, well-versed and focused on Social Isuues, Mental Health, Social Project and Team Management. He is available through her social media handles: Instagram: @isurajitroy and Linkedin: @isurajitroy .

Our Mission

// "We fulfill our mission most effectively when we collaborate with others and when we actively look for partners to achieve our goals."

We are committed to enriching the quality of life and bringing the curve of suicidal cases as low as possible. We focus on the holistic wellness of individuals and their families by primarily promoting improved mental well-being through awareness, education and support. 

On a path with our community to ensure having a Compassionate society, where one can show Empathy towards others, Accept and Respect one’s emotional needs and Encourage and Empower rich holistic health within the community. 

Unless we promote and advocate about the understanding of mental illness, encourage and spread awareness about increasing tolerance and acceptance of people living with such illness, people will continue to avoid talking about mental illness and also avoid seeking help, which leads one to feel worthless, resulting in steps of self-harm. The goal here is to promote seeking help and encourage people to express their emotions and seek appropriate treatment & services in order to recover themselves and return back to good health. 

We believe and respect every individual’s right to choose their own way to cater to their emotional needs while encouraging them to seek timely help. We sincerely believe in showing empathy towards individuals who seek help and we work tirelessly with them in order to help them find their successful path.

Our Vision

// "We recognize achievement of our vision depends on the combined dedication, creativity and compassion of our team, volunteers, partners, and those we serve."

We envision a climate which is free from Suicidal cases and possess stronger Mental Health. In this climate, we as a community, recognize that mental health is as important as physical health in overall development of an individual. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of and that it can be developed by anyone, at any age. However, just like physical illness, mental illness, too, is treatable as well as preventable, thus leaving no room for stigma.

We strongly believe that every individual is different and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to healing. We understand that everyone’s path to mental wellness looks different as everyone have their own unique way of dealing and coping with situations in their lives.
Intense determination and highly regarded services gives us the credibility to advocate for mental health community, enabling us to influence decisions, policies and beliefs while promoting for the same.

What We Do?

// "Effectively utilizing technology to develop multiple communication channels and increase our reach to the needy ones."

Mental health is essential to personal well-being and it is a fundamental to achieving a healthy, balanced and productive life. Every individual, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, status or sexual orientation, have the right to be treated with compassion, respect and free from stigma and prejudice. We focus on advocating for the same by – 

Creating awareness about the importance of mind-body connection in over-all growth.
Promoting awareness and understanding about mental health.
Providing opportunities for individuals to learn about early warning signs of mental illness as well as suicidal tendencies.
Providing for supportive, confidential and safe environment to express themselves which improves resilience for these individuals.  
Treating everyone with respect and compassion, as we value dignity the most.

If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-harm, mental breakdown, panic situation, substance abuse, suicidal tendencies or any other form of mental illness, reach out to us for free and confidential evaluation. 

[P.S.: Every information shared by you and the conversations held will be confidential.]

Disclaimer About Data Protection

We adhere to policies of data protection and data-minimization whereby we only gather data which is adequate, relevant and limited to the purpose of data collection. There will be no sharing of data gathered to third party or any processing of personal data unless the subject has given “explicit consent” or if the processing of such data is necessary for preventive or occupational medical care (e.g. medical diagnosis, provision of health care or social benefits), for reasons of public health interest such as protecting against serious cross-border threats to health or ensuring optimum standards of quality and safety of health care products or services or when required in law. These processing will be only done for specified, explicit and legitimate reasons only.