Top 10 Spiritual Emotional Freedom Quotes

Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique, or SEFT, is an innovative therapy that utilizes the body's energy system to reduce stress. The practitioner taps certain points on the body in rhythmic motions to induce a state of relaxation and surrender to God. The words and sentences that the patient repeats to themselves are designed to instill feelings of resignation to their beliefs or to God. During the treatment, the patient is able to let go of any unhelpful thoughts or worries.

Spiritual Emotional Freedom Therapy involves tapping on energy meridians to release emotional blocks and disruptions in the energy pathways. This fast-evolving therapy is based on a variety of alternative medicine theories and combines the physical benefits of acupuncture and the cognitive benefits of conventional therapy. Many people use EFT to resolve anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Using the technique to restore energy balance can alleviate the symptoms associated with negative experiences.

1. "The Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique is a psychological intervention that uses the energy system of the body to relieve stress."

2. "The technique focuses on the repetition of words and sentences that invoke feelings of resignation to God or to the patient’s belief".

3. "A relationship can be very satisfying if two people share a common spiritual connection."

4. "There are also some religious traditions that claim that a relationship between two souls originated in a previous life."

5. "A spiritual connection can also be beneficial in a relationship. It means that the two people feel a common sense of responsibility and have similar beliefs."

6. "When two people share a common spirituality, they feel safe and at ease around each other."

7. "A person who shares similar beliefs can be a spiritual match. This connection can help you become a better person."

8. "Spiritual connection will help you make better choices and attract the people and things you want in your life. The same applies to love."

9. "When you can establish a connection with someone, you will feel more secure and satisfied in your life. If you have a sense of peace in your heart, then you’re likely to feel the same way about them."

10 . "If we’d like to have an understanding of the meaning of life, we should first understand the reason why we’re here."

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