You Make Me Feel


You make me feel
'cause I've got you.
Now, I'm working on my writing,
I hope you can come along.

And I don't know,
When I'll write this song,
But I'll learn.

And I don't know when,
But I'll learn.
I don't know if I can get through,
With all you stand for.

You make me feel.
Like I've just swallowed a small dose,
Of your strange perfume,
You make me feel;
Like I've just swallowed a small dose.

Today I learned that the sky,
Is falling, and I heard your voice.
And I saw your face,
I found out what felt right.

And the universe of dreams had its design,
And it began with a kiss.
I learned how it felt to survive;
And the universe of dreams.

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